How to open a bar or restaurant without having money?

We can help you to do it through a Microcredit

Attention: The concession of the operation is subject to the analysis of the solvency and the ability of the applicant to repay, depending on the entity's risk policies.

1. What is a Microcredit?

A microcredit is a small loan for people without resources who do not have access to the traditional financial system. They have a clear social purpose in fighting social and labor exclusion and financial trying to provide unemployed and / or without resources the possibility of creating a small business.

Characteristics of a Microcredit

The main characteristic of microcredits is the non-requirement of personal guarantees or guarantees, the insurmountable obstacle for people without financial capacity. It will be enough with the presentation of a good project and the commitment of the self-employed entrepreneur, but of course, that means that the entities that grant them can be quite rigorous when selecting their beneficiaries.

For the granting of the microcredit they will try to find out if your personal situation and that of your family really prevents you from having access to a normal loan, guaranteed, for the same amount

. Who can apply for a microcredit? Beneficiary Profile

The majority profile of beneficiaries in Spain is that of self-employed immigrants, followed by women and, to a lesser extent, young people and other groups. However, the strong growth in unemployment that the crisis has brought, with a large number of families in which all its members are unemployed, is causing a growth in the concession to new profiles.

What is the process to apply for a microcredit? What requirements must be fulfilled?
As we have already commented, the procedures to request the microcredit will depend on the entity for which it is issued, although in general terms they can be summarized as follows:

Project evaluation

In this phase, the candidate's business idea (who must present a business plan), the chances of success, etc. are analyzed. On many occasions, the entity may advise you on how to improve this business plan. In the event that the entity considers it to be a viable project, it will continue with the process.


Beneficiaries may apply for microcredit of up to 25,000 euros

Documentation that must accompany the project:

Business Plan
Feasibility Certificate
Applicant's CV
Budgets or Proforma Invoices
Contract, Pre-Rental Agreement, or Property Title
Justification of the contribution of Own Funds
Laboral life
Last personal income tax declaration
Be up to date with Social Security (Social Security - Benalmádena)
Be up to date with the State Treasury (Hacienda - Torremolinos)
Autonomous registration request (RETA)
Other complementary documentation (optional):
Last 3 payrolls
Grant application and / or award
Application and / or concession of the capitalization of the Unemployment Subsidy
Franchise Contracts
Activities License
Academic degree

What is the process to apply for a microcredit? What requirements must be fulfilled?
Application submission

In the office of the financial institution or telematically, if this is possible.

Personal interview

Many entities conduct a personal interview with applicants, who will have to present their business idea. Given the high demand, this is usually an important part of the selection process.

Valuation by the entity

In which the experts value both economic issues and other issues related to the beneficiary's experience, personal situation or potential.


Once you have found your dream business, we will help you with the paperwork management

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