Golden Visa Spain


Permanent Residency for Non-EU Investors. Golden Visa Spain.


Long anticipated “Golden Visa” for Non-EU investors has been finally approved by Government of Spain.

Effective immediately,  500,000€ + Real Estate Investors will be eligible to obtain Permanent Residency in Spain.

Advantages of “Golden Visa” and an Investment of 500,000€  in Residential or/and Commercial Properties in Spain:

Automatic qualification for Golden Visa with 500,000€ Investment.

Easy – No Hassle entry and travel to 26 Schengen Countries in Europe.

NO Minimum Stay requirements in Spain

Automatic Visa for the whole Family

Access to European Financial Institutions

Timing : Property Prices are all time LOW!

Quality of life, great year round Climate.

Taking care of your travel arrangements and greeting in Malaga, Spain.

Selection of the most suitable Portfolio for your Investment in Residential or/and Commercial Property/Properties.

Full Legal and Financial Advise*

Visa Application, Documentation and Submission to the corresponding Institutions*.

Property Management if case of your absence, if needed.



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