how to sell my bar ?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions, because it is necessary to start by having the authorization of the owner, because in the Transfer apart from the Buyer and the Seller, also participates the owner who is the one who must grant the new lease .

What's the first thing I have to do?

There must contact  the property of the premises, to confirm the new conditions of the contract and thus know in advance whether to perform& a... new contract or keep the conditions of the previous one, if the property will make; use of the right to raise the rent. Así may have a more accurate idea;s precise how it develops; the operation and avoid surprises of última hora.

know the value of my business ?

These depends on many factors,for example the state of the inventory of furniture and machinery, also depends on whether your business is open or closed ?, you can prove profitability ?, not be acive; the same as you transfer it for retirement; or you do it for lack of profitability, the value must be objective, it does not serve what it was, nor that other than to be; a hosteler&iacute business; you have to value it at the time of the transfer


In the&nbsp transfer price they influence many factors to determineán the value, from the location, the terrace, if you give you the sun, type of license, lease price, años lease, sales and goodwill and any other factors that are considered an añadido value. 

As preparing in business against buyers ?

In shoppers have to be very specific, these people ask you questions, it is normal, they are the ones to pay for the transfer, among the frequent questions appear those related to aspects of more ás legal:

-type license

-rent monthly

-años de contract

-boxes daily

-commitments to suppliers

-kilos of café a week

-litres of beers week

-number of dailys menús

-number of dailys  breakfast 

-kilogram flour (in the case of pizzerias)

-contracts for electricity and water (a lot will want to see what power you have contracted, as well as consumption)

-receipt of payment for occupation on the public road

-receipt of payment from industrial garbage collection

We can help you SELL YOUR BUSINESS !!!

now be patient and kind to these people it is possible that one of them will pay for the transfer. Very convenient, it is to support all the answers with documentationón (license, lease or invoices) that endorse your answers, thus acting in the giving&s trust to the other party.


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